• Offering private obedience training lessons in the East Bay

• Specializing in the safe and effective use of electric collars

• Appropriate for specific problem solving or general obedience training


• For anyone wanting to fix a specific problem with their dog or wanting general obedience training.

• Especially effective for those interested in off leash control.

• No potty training service offered. 



• Begin by calling or emailing to set up a free evaluation.

• Private lessons in local public parks or other public areas. No group classes offered.

• Together, we train standard obedience commands or work on your specific problems.

• Emphasis on reliability both on and off leash.

• Positive and negative reinforcement based methods used for motivation. Specifically, the tools used are food, prong collars, and electric collars. 

• Full obedience program usually takes 10-15 lessons.  Programs requiring fewer lessons are available.

• Approximately 1 hour per lesson.

• 1 to 3 lessons per week is ideal.



• $50 per lesson. I keep my lessons affordable to allow for more frequent lessons and better training results. 

• Approximately $175 in training equipment, food, electric collar. These can be purchased late in the program as all initial training is done with my equipment. 

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I am located in Berkeley but I'm available for training all around the east bay.